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ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT is an electrical in-floor heating system for use with tile or stone. The unique crossbones pattern provides less touch points between the cables and the membrane, and less air space within the mat structure, providing faster and more efficient heating of the floor covering. The unique design also allows for easy prefilling in just one pass with ARDEX high-performance mortars, or approved ARDEX Self-Leveling Underlayments can be used for easier, faster prefilling to fully encase the heat cables.

ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT can be used as a waterproofing layer in bathrooms and other wet areas. Ideal for large-format tile and stone installations, ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT is also an uncoupling membrane that helps to prevent grout joint and tile damage from underlying substrate movements.

1/4″ (6 mm) Mat

FLEXBONE Heat membrane sheet coverage is 8.4 Sq Ft (3 Feet 3 Inches x 2 Feet 7 Inches), thickness 1/4 Inch. 3-in-1 In Floor Heating, Uncoupling and Waterproofing.

40 Sheets per box

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 In-Floor Heating, Uncoupling and Waterproofing
  • Uncoupling: protects tile and grout joints from shear movement in the substrate
  • Waterproofing: protection for use in bathrooms, laundry rooms and other wet areas
  • Maximum heat efficiency, more heat comfort with less energy usage
  • Minimal roll memory – rolls out flat every time!
  • High quality heating cables – more efficient, easier to install, less cable required
  • Ideal for large-format tile and stone installations
  • FLEXBONE® Effect: prefill with mortar in just one pass
  • ARDEX Self-Leveling Underlayment's; worry-free prefill option that fully encases cables
  • Single-Source, Complete System Solution
  • 10-Year system warranty

System Warranty

Please click here to learn all about the ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT System Warranty.

To qualify for the Warranty, please submit a completed copy of theINSTALLATION WORKSHEET AND WARRANTY VALIDATION FORM

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