Kiesel Servostar 3000 White


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Excellent sag resistance, flexible, white cement based, acrylic polymer modified white thin-set mortar in compliance with EN 12 004 C2 TE-S1 and ANSI A 118.4 For interior and exterior ceramic and quarry tile installations, porcelain stoneware, porcelain and glass mosaic, clinker and brick tile and non-moisture sensitive natural stone over load-bearing substrates such as in situ concrete (at least 6 months old) and  gypsum fiberboard, sheetrock, heated screed (please follow corresponding regulations and data sheets), poured mastic asphalt, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) as well as balconies and patios. Suitable for installations of glass mosaic in submerged areas and outdoors by adding 10% Okamul DZ 18 (2.5 kg Okamul DZ 18 per 20 kg powder, and 2 parts by volume of water and 1 part Okamul DZ 18).

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