LEVTEC 1/16" Pro Levelling Kit


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Level is desired but flat is REQUIRED! The LEVTEC Standard Kits are the perfect way to eliminate lippage on every day installations.

LEVTEC Tile Leveling System is designed to reduce or eliminate lippage when installing large format tile. By using LEVTEC, you can ensure the best possible result with minimal effort. Simply insert the self spacing clip below the tile then insert the wedge through the opening. Apply pressure to the wedge until adjacent tiles are flush. The LEVTEC clip is designed to break off clean below the top of the base leaving no residual plastic in the grout joint allowing for proper expansion and contraction.
LEVTEC 1/16” Kit (250 Wedges, 500 1/16” Clips, 100 Universal Protection Plates & 1 Pliers)

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