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Floortec is an installation membrane for ceramic or stone tile based on uncoupling technology. It is placed between the tile and the substrate. Tile and membrane are bonded using appropriate mortar-based adhesives. 

Roll will cover 323ft2

FLOORTEC ADVANTAGES -TENSION COMPENSATION. The membrane is able to compensate for differential movement in all directions, neutralizing tension between the substrate (concrete or wood structures) and tile. VAPOR MANAGEMENT. he open cavities on the underside of the membrane provide pressure relief for moisture rising from the substrate allowing the tile flooring to be installed without waiting the usual curing time for concrete (28 days). LOAD RESISTANCE. The circular column support structure on the surface of the membrane provides increased load resistance compared to other-shaped columns: the mortar-based adhesive on the surface of the mat fills the circular cavities forming a solid column support structure. FLOORTEC has been tested by TCNA and passed all 14 cycles (Extra-Heavy Commercial) on the Robinson Wheel Test (ASTM C627) over 19.2” wood frame construction. WATERPROOFING*. The membrane material, HDPE (high density polyethylene), is waterproof. The top layer of the membrane blocks water infiltration, facilitating the natural water evaporation process. The mortar bed is therefore protected from water percolation and not subjected to damage due to ice formation caused by low temperatures during the winter months.

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