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100% REUSABLE Lippage Control & Rescue Clip System
The Spin Doctor Level Head is a 100% REUSABLE lippage control & rescue clip system. This system allows users to achieve a smooth lip-free finish on a large variety of tile. With no need to purchase consumable components, this is on e of the best investments that can be made by any installer. Once tile is embedded into your mortar, use Spin Doctor Level Head to make any necessary micro-adjustments to ensure a flat finish. It can also be used as a rescue clip when your primary leveling system experiences premature breakage of clips or posts. Insert pin parallel into the grout joint, then twist square base 90° into position. Easily spin the red leveling cap until the T-pin begins to engage. Then tighten until both surfaces are flush. *IMPORTANT: Immediately after the mortar has cured to manufacturer's specifications, partially loosen the red cap and twist the black base 90° counter-clockwise to remove.

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