Sigma XL Max Tile Cutter 96"


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Designed to be used by professional and DIY, the Sigma 12D1 XL is Sigma’s latest 205 cm tile cutter. With a long base to support porcelain and ceramic tiles, it is the professional tile cutter of choice. The main characteristics of this tile cutter is its precision ability to easily cut most common porcelain and ceramic tiles up to 19mm thick. Cutting of the tile is achieved by placing the tile against the measurement arm which can swivel in both directions up to 45 degrees allowing a neat and clean cut at any chosen. “XL” Big tile cutter with frame and sliding guide made of light hardened alluminium alloy. The push handle with cushioned engraving, runs completely on ball bearings and stainless steel runners. Equipped with a double measures for parallel cuts and pivoting support from + 45 ° to -45 °.

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