Tool Republic 7" Turbo Mesh Blade

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The Tool Republic "Sharp as F@#K Blade is an amazing blade that offers unmatched performance. It is formulated to provide an exceptionally smooth cutting finish on porcelain, ceramics, tile, and other dense materials. The blade has a reinforced hub steel core construction that ensures a wobble-free cutting experience. The Mesh Rim design with a diamond coating allows for less friction, quicker cuts, and more efficient heat dispersion. 

This blade is Sharp as F@#K!

A universal 10" Wet Saw disc for superior, chip-free cutting performance. Professional-grade quality, makes clean, fast, and aggressive cuts; engineered for highly smooth cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile. The high-grade diamond rim with a unique bond matrix for clean cuts and durability. The turbo mesh configuration significantly aids in cooling the blade, resulting in longer blade life. Enhanced anti-vibration design provides the ideal combination of stability and rigidity. For Wet & Dry Use. 

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