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The Spiked shoes are a must when installing an epoxy, sealers, gunite and other products on a concrete floor to prevent damaging footprints and allow the release of air bubbles from the epoxy. • One Size fits most – Size is 11.8” (300mm) x 5.5”(140mm) • Spikes release air bubbles from epoxy and gunite overlays • Strong 1-1/2” (40mm) steel spikes positioned on shoe to distribute weight evenly • Back stop of shoe prevents shoe from moving around on the boot • Plastic clasps on adjustable nylon straps secure to boot • For best results tighten spikes before use • Spikes are Replaceable >> This one size fits all shoes come with straps and plastic clasps to secure to boots and are easy to get on and off. The back of each shoe has a stop to prevent work boots from moving around the shoe. The green flexible plastic lets you walk in a natural movement. Thirteen strong 1-1/2” steel spikes positioned on the shoe distributes weight evenly and allows the spikes to release air bubbles from the epoxy. Sold as a pair. For best results tighten spikes before each use. Spikes are replaceable.

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